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Summer drawing textile collection.

bold paisley-2.jpg

I nostri disegni per tessuti sono pensati come delle collezioni.

Ogni collezione segue un tema di ispirazione e una palette colori definita, in questo modo la nostra creatività ha la possibilità di ampliarsi e allo stesso tempo restare focalizzata su di un argomento preciso.

In questa sezione del sito puoi vedere un’aticipazione dei temi di stampe per tessuti Spring \ Summer '24, riservati a brand e aziende tessili.

vibrant positivity-2.jpg

Man and Woman drawing textile collection.

big flowers-2.jpg

Do you have a specific Brief for your collection?

M B Textile Prints and Colours can work following your creative idea and produce the exclusive artworks that you will need to print your products. We can assure you of respect for your creative direction and that delivery times are accurate.

Keep track of new drawings arrivals!

continous line-1.jpg
flower construction-1.jpg
shiny two tone-1.jpg

M B Textile Prints and Colours statement. The artworks proposed by our studio presented on this website are exclusive artworks created with passion and an infinite love for drawing. We love sharing our work with the aim of expanding our opportunities for collaborations with brands and companies. We are afraid to remember that drawings, graphics and images are intellectual works covered by copy right and in respect of everyone's we discourage copies or inspirations that are too close to our work.

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